Turbocharger Repair


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The Basics Behind Turbocharger Repair Services

A turbocharger is designed to push air into the engine’s combustion chamber. Turbochargers are run on the power generated by the exhaust gas. The exhaust gas spins the turbine wheel, which then turns a compressor wheel. During the process, much dense sir from outside is sucked in and compressed. This hot air is cooled via an air cooler to lower not only its temperature but also increase its density. The compressed air enters the engine, and more fuel is pushed into the cylinder. This process helps the engine to burn fuel better. Turbochargers are preferred by many drives because they consume less fuel, produce less carbon dioxide, and are powerful enough to sustain much higher speed.

Why Should You Have Turbocharger Repair Services Performed

A faulty turbocharger should be repaired immediately. If yours is showing signs of malfunctioning, do bring it for a repair as soon as you can. Watch out for excess smoke, burning oil, significant fall in power, and an increasing whining sound. Check that your turbocharger is getting enough lubrication to avoid carbon accumulation. Some turbochargers are destroyed when small debris ends up in the turbocharger and causes its components to malfunction. Note that all these problems can be solved by our service staff at any time. Call K&K Tire and Auto and let us examine the components so that we can pinpoint the problem, fix it, and give you get back to a healthy turbocharger.

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Approx. Time: Call for estimated time | Price Range: Get Quote for Price