Transfer Case Service


Approx. Time: 60 Minutes | Price Range: Get Quote for Price

The Basics Behind Transfer Case Services

The transfer case system plays a crucial role in all-wheel-drive vehicles. It controls the gear system of the vehicles via chains, which controls the acceleration of the vehicles and speed. It operates the engine accordingly and maintains the friction level to ensure that the car is moving smoothly and efficiently. It supports the wheels’ force to spin them according to the required speed. For example, for the starting of the vehicle, the motorist uses first gear, which startups the vehicle engine and supports each component to work efficiently. It is the most powerful gear, which helps the vehicles to start-up and applies force against all components’ frictions. This gear is not suitable when driving fast. Similarly, the 4WD vehicles can use their 4WD gear to climb the hills, cross the rock area, and move on off-road rocks with great ease.

Why Should You Have Transfer Case Services Performed

In case you face any issue with the transfer case, you need to contact K&K Tire and Auto to avoid further problems. The signs of the problem with transfer cases include grinding noise, leaking lubrication, and difficulty in shifting to 4WD. If any such symptom occurs, you need to take your vehicle to our service center; otherwise, it may prevent your vehicle from getting engaged from the four-wheel drive, and you can be left hopeless in need. Our services also use a lubricant to reduce the friction between the components and make the gear shift smoother. Our staff will also examine your vehicles’ gear system properly and will guide you to repair or replace it. Sometimes the contaminated lubricant can harm the gear inside. Our staff will recommend you replace the fluid, and then your engine will perform proficiently.

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Approx. Time: 60 Minutes | Price Range: Get Quote for Price