Transfer Case Repair


Approx. Time: 180 Minutes | Price Range: Get Quote for Price

The Basics Behind Transfer Case Repair Services

The transfer case is a type of gearbox which assists the motorist regarding the correct amount of torque. The system is located behind the vehicle’s transmission system and consists of gears, controlling the vehicle’s speed. The gears are set of chains of the vehicle, which maintains its velocity and generates torque accordingly. The 4WD vehicles usually have a more complex gear system, which controls all four wheels to drive the vehicle. In case you find any issue with the 4WD system of your vehicle, contact our staff at K&K Tire and Auto. We will lubricate the transfer system to reduce the resistance of the gears and will keep them smooth and efficient. Since transfer cases play a crucial role in all-wheel-drive vehicles, you need to repair it immediately when required.

Why Should You Have Transfer Case Repair Services Performed

You can experience different problems in your 4WD vehicle, such as experiencing grinding noises, difficulty when accelerating, and lubrication leaks. Bring your vehicle to K&K Tire and Auto, and we will provide you quality services through the skilled staff. Our staff uses the right tools for the proper inspection of your vehicle. Especially if it has an issue with its transfer case, our experts will examine the problem with the system and will either repair it properly or will replace it with the new one. Sometimes, there is no such issue in the vehicle, but the dirt in lubricant creates a problem, in such case, the experts drain and replace the lubricants from the vehicle.

We proudly service the Transfer Case Repair needs of customers in Foley, MN, Saint Cloud, MN, Milaca, MN, and surrounding areas.

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Approx. Time: 180 Minutes | Price Range: Get Quote for Price