Parking Brake Adjustment


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The Basics Behind Parking Brake Adjustment Services

All brake systems contain a parking a brake to lock the vehicle in a parked state, regardless of whether disc brakes or drum brakes are used. The parking brake is sometimes referred to as the emergency brake and works differently from the regular brakes. To engage the parking brake, you can either press a unique pedal or pulling the parking lever. The parking brake is used to stop the vehicle and possibly avert an impending accident suddenly, but it can also be used to park on a steep hill.

There are three types of parking brakes; pedal, stick, and center level parking brakes. Each of these uses a ratchet locking mechanism to bring the vehicle to a stop. The design of the parking brake your car has will depend on the way the driver’s seat is designed. Each of the three types of parking brakes works differently based on the brake system attached to it. For your safety and convenience, it is essential to go through the owner’s manual and determine how best to use your parking brake. The owner’s manual should also help you decide when to seek a parking brake adjustment.

Why Should You Have Parking Brake Adjustment Services Performed

Your safety and that of your passengers highly depends on the proper functioning of your parking brake. Even though your vehicle will come with a fully functioning parking brake system, you may need to adjust it over time. One reason for parking brake adjustment is that the cables used to transmit lever movement in the parking brake tend to stretch and hence wear gradually. As a driver, you want to ensure that you have a well-tensioned cable because a parking brake must grip firmly and not stick. You may have to have the moving parts of your parking brake lubricated or get some parts replaced to ensure your parking brake is in perfect working condition. Our staff is qualified and equipped to help you accurately diagnose the exact problem with your parking brake and recommend the best adjustment or repair procedure. Contact us for a parking brake inspection and leaves the rest to us.

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Approx. Time: 30 Minutes | Price Range: Get Quote for Price