Glow Plug Replacement


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The Basics Behind Glow Plug Replacement Services

Diesel engines have pencil-like glow plugs to help them start. Glow plugs work similarly to spark plugs in gasoline engines, except they use heat. This detail is vital because diesel engines are prone to ignition problems during cold weather; diesel engines absorb heat during the cold but cannot perform a fuel ignition in low temperatures.

Glow plugs provide the heat necessary for fuel ignition. Unfortunately, a significant amount of time is wasted waiting for the glow plugs to absorb enough heat for ignition. This process is also known as ‘glowing’ because the glow plugs glow as they absorb more heat. Once the diesel plug is warmed up, the driver can start the diesel-engine vehicle.

Why Should You Have Glow Plug Replacement Services Performed

It is wiser to repair a bad glow plug than have to deal with issues in the combustion chamber. If bad glow plugs are neglected, they will wear out too much to be used again. You will eventually be forced to replace the earplug. You need not deal with the excess smoke emission on your own. Contact us today and let us diagnose the problem with your glow plugs. Our service team is always on standby, waiting to offer you any assistance you may need.

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Approx. Time: Call for estimated time | Price Range: Get Quote for Price