Excessive Smoke Diagnostic


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The Basics Behind Excessive Smoke Diagnostic Services

Excessive smoke from the engine could be an indication of damaged valves, piston rings, cylinders, or injectors. Smoke-related engine problems are easy to diagnose by looking at the color of the smoke. Blue smoke often points to the presence of oil in the combustion chamber. Black smoke might lead to issues with fuel combustion, such as a clogged air filter or poor-quality fuel. White smoke shows that the fuel is burning poorly and points to damaged valves, worn injectors, and jammed piston rings.

Why Should You Have Excessive Smoke Diagnostic Services Performed

Our excessive smoke diagnostic services are designed to help you identify the source and cause of the smoke and then resolve the issue. We check the oil and combustion of the fuel thoroughly. Besides, our service staff understands the various smoke colors and their respective causes. This knowledge is essential to you as a vehicle owner if you want to ensure your vehicle is running on a healthy diesel engine.

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Approx. Time: Call for estimated time | Price Range: Get Quote for Price