Engine Diagnostics


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The Basics Behind Engine Diagnostics Services

The On-Board Diagnostics System (OBD) System is used to detect engine problems. This system was initially installed for the monitoring of vehicle emissions. From 1996, both systems, On-Board Diagnostics System I (OBD I) and On-Board Diagnostics System II (OBD II), became part of manufacturing standards for vehicles. These systems are connected to the control system of the vehicle engines, also known as the ‘Engine Control Unit’ (ECU). The purpose of the attachment of the OBD system is to help your vehicle’s engine to run efficiently. It supports the engine to keep the emissions at a low level.

The On-Board Diagnostics System (OBD) is also helpful in identifying engine malfunction and thus warns the vehicle’s driver by sending notifications about the engine errors. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) examines the functioning of several engine processes, including emissions, fuel-air mixture, and engine timing. The Engine Control Unit uses several sensors for monitoring the engine processes or for making adjustments accordingly. In case the Engine Control Unit detects the vehicle’s engine malfunctions, and it triggers the dashboard’s warning light. The warning indication gives the message to the drive to “check engine.”

Why Should You Have Engine Diagnostics Services Performed

Engine diagnostics prove to be highly helpful to maintain engine performance and efficiency. It indicates the engine malware timely due to which the driver becomes aware, and the engine performance remains unaffected. The purpose of the OBD system is to prevent any damage to the engine, and it works efficiently to protect the engine in case of any electrical or mechanical issue in the system. It detects the problems before they affect engine performance; otherwise, the problem may get worst and can become a significant threat to engine performance, as well as to the drivers’ life. For example, some electrical issues in the engine also cause a fire. OBD timely turns on the indicator lights, with which the driver become aware and take immediate actions to protect the vehicle engine, which otherwise couldn’t be possible for him/her.

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Approx. Time: 60 Minutes | Price Range: Get Quote for Price