Differential Fluid Change


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The Basics Behind Differential Fluid Change Services

Differential fluid is used to lube the differential in a variety of vehicles, which include front-wheel vehicles (FWB), rear-wheel vehicles (RWD), all-wheel drive (AWD), and Four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles. Most often than not, 4WD cars use a transaxle as a substitute for a separate differential, though sometimes FWD cars have the stand-alone differential.

A differential is used to power the wheels while still aiding turns when the vehicle is moving at different speeds. As a complete turn is made in your car, every wheel covers its different distance. The inside two-wheel cover a short distance as compared to those wheels on the outside of the turn as the front wheels also move a different distance as compared to the back wheels. The differential accounts for all these differences and aids smooth turning while the differential fluid lubricates all the movable parts.

Why Should You Have Differential Fluid Change Services Performed

The differential has movable parts, which through friction, cause heat. Differential fluid is used to reduce heat though it is broken down progressively by the continued excitement and friction. However, useless differential fluid may lead to reduced differential efficiency and, consequently, smoke and rapid wear or even failure. Total differential failure will need you to change the entire differential system. It is advisable to check the car’s user manual to determine the right intervals for a differential oil change. Draining of used differential fluid and restoring it with fresh differential fluid is provided by a differential fluid service. In a fluid change, the staff may check the working of the whole differential system to make sure it properly works effectively.

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Approx. Time: 60 Minutes | Price Range: Get Quote for Price